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Welcome — I’m Lanette Rozier, LCSW and founder of Finding Serenity. I offer counseling for couples regardless of their status, and for troubled individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, and more. In my practice, I adhere to the belief that people are fully capable of finding serenity within themselves. But most people have no idea how to start looking, much less where to look.

The Two Meanings of ‘Imago’

I am an adherent of — and a certified counselor in — Imago therapy. Imago is an interesting word, because it has two completely different, almost opposite, and yet related meanings. Imago can mean ‘the image of the world that you create during your childhood’, but it also means ‘the final stage of a metamorphosis; the butterfly that emerges from its cocoon’.

The purpose of Imago therapy is to help you recognize your inner Imagos — both of them. On the one hand, becoming conscious of the way your childhood affects your worldview is essential in helping you take conscious control of your actions and reactions in relation to your partner. On the other hand, once you have embraced that process and come to the realization that you and you alone are responsible for your own behavior, you become the second Imago; the butterfly ready to take wing.


Depressed, overly-anxious, or otherwise unsettled individuals who come to Finding Serenity will find themselves guided along a careful, gentle path to self-discovery. To conquer these illnesses, we have to discover their origins, and that almost always begins at a very young age. Most often, depression and anxiety are founded on a presumption of powerlessness that originates from a very young age. When you learn where your presumption comes from, you can learn to replace it. At Finding Serenity, we offer several different options for addressing these feelings including an internet based cognitive behavioral therapy program called Beating the Blues that can be utilized in the comfort of your own home.


Married or not, couples therapy is about one thing; removing the obstacles that stand between “two people sharing the same space” in order to create a healthy amount of intimacy.” Most often, those obstacles come because each partner chooses the other based on the unresolved, often unconscious issues from their earliest memories. They literally pick their partner because their choice allows them to continue the same drama they began in childhood. Inherent in this struggle is the opportunity for enormous personal growth. Moving beyond the repetition of the same patterns, allows each individual to recognize the source of those patterns, and make conscious choices to eliminate them. When two individuals who have both gained that degree of self-awareness and self-control come together, they can achieve the “agape” love that we all long for.

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